Meet Jeremy Taylor


Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, I’m one of eight kids.  My parents weren’t messin’ around….they wanted a large family, and they got one!  I’m proud to say my family is a crazy mix.  With grandparents that were Russian Jews on one side and German Catholics on the other, two adopted sisters-one from Korea and the other Puerto Rico, we represent several corners of the world.  How did we end up in Idaho?  My parents joined the LDS church while living in Wisconsin, moved to Idaho in the late 70’s, and the rest is history.


My wife and I have two kids, both are now graduated and in college.  Personally, I love to golf, hate being cold (winters feel like forever to me), my wife and I travel as much as possible, have a thing for working out…and buying way too many workout shoes/clothes, love going to Dallas Cowboy games, I have a huge passion for cars and collect a few, and will always have a soft spot in my heart for dogs.  Oh, and my favorite piece of advice to give: “Never make an important decision on vacation. Everything seems like a good idea.”

The Jeremy Taylor School Lunch Project

100% of the proceeds will benefit local students and their families who don’t have the means to pay down their lunch debt.  Every other month, or at least once per quarter, we will take all of the funds raised and donate it accordingly.  Schools will be circulated, and we will do our best to address as many individual situations as possible.  All donations are welcome and appreciated, and for any donation $25 or more, we will send the donor a special edition Jeremy Taylor in the Morning shaker cup.  Those cups are expected to arrive by the end of this month, then will be sent to those who have donated $25 or more and provided me with their mailing address.

*Why Venmo?  Because they don’t charge any fees for accepting these donations. 


Percentage of Proceeds that will benefit local students and their families who don't have the means to pay down their lunch debt.